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Written by Ed Eusebio   

: I was the architect, developer, project manager and administrator for this site. I researched and chose Joomla CMS, the dynamic portal engine and content management system, as it's platform, and engaged outsourced web administration and hosting from XMedia Services. I also managed the internal build and ongoing maintenance team.

Background: In 2008, while working as a publications editor for Spectrem Group in Chicago, I built and launched this B2C website called MillionaireCorner.com.  It's initial purpose was to augment and expand on a book by company principals called Get Rich Stay Rich, Pass It On.  The website provides information about the habits and traits of affluent investors and their investment interests, drawing on research and articles from company newsletters

Implementation: After extensive consultation and study of the business strategy, I chose to develop a content rich, "evergreen" news site that would make excellent use of the company's rich bank of financial articles and expertise.  Because of budget constraints and my own skill sets, I chose to base the site's foundation on proven Open Source technologies - LAMP (Linex, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and Joomla as the CMS (Content Management System).

Social Media / Collaboration: The initial purpose was expanded to further engage consumers interested in affluent investing.

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