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ed_chicagoWelcome and thanks for visiting my "blogfolio."

I'm a Agent of Change, Consultant, Writer, Web Publisher-Architect-Developer-Designer, Project Manager, Neo Marketer, SEO phile, Social Media Masher, Joomla CMS Wonk, Open Source Pusher, MacAddict, who believes in publishing for the greater good, and in the continuing power of the web community to change the world for the better.

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Web Publishing, Development, Design:

  • POST/CALL Scripts
  • Joomla CMS 1.0 - 3.0
  • Dreamweaver
  • Fireworks
  • Photoshop
  • Final Cut Pro Video Editing
  • API integration

Consulting on and executing strategies for:

  • SEO - Google page 1 results
  • Neo web marketing & publishing strategies

Joomla CMS configuration, customization and maintenance (from 1.0 to 3.0):

  • JomSocial
  • Community Builder
  • Alpha User Points
  • JX Finder
  • JX Labels
  • HikaShop
  • DocMan
  • Akeeba (backup, and cron job)
  • AEC
  • JForms
  • RSForms Pro
  • ChronoForms
  • Jumi (HTML, PHP, Javascript management)
  • ReDJ (URlL redirection)
  • XMap
  • Open Inviter / Recommend Friends
  • Kuneri Mobile Joomla
  • RokCandy
  • JCE Editor
  • JCK Editor

Web Photography & Video:

  • 3-5+ Point Studio / Video Lighting
  • Image manipulation and editing
  • Indie Film Lighting
  • Video / Indie Film Sound Capture
    • Zoom H4n & H2
    • Sony Nex-5: 1080 HD
    • Shotgun mic with dead cat

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Written by Ed Eusebio   

These are a few of my recent Web 2.0 projects. They combine full integration with Joomla CMS, and feature community, content richness, social media and commerce.

MORE TO COME (when I have the time)!

Restaurant: Twin Creeks Cafe

Developed this site for a new restaurant, uniquely, inside a Honda auto dealership in Fort Worth Texas.  I did all the photography (models and food) for the site as well as wrote and edited all the copy.  Built using a template on Gantry framework on Joomla CMS.


Jensen-Souders: Chicago Industrial Warehouse Site

This site uses an image friendly template on Gantry Framework on Joomla CMS. The objectives accomplished were to allow for self-management of site contents and user menus through Joomla CMS administration. Of particular note are the large image rotators on various internal pages.


IMPRINT : Immigrant Professional Integration

IMPRINT : Immigrant Professional Services

Re-deployed this Association site to a new more user and administrator-friendly Joomla template and Gantry platform. The objectives accomplished were to allow for self-management of site contents and user menus through Joomla CMS administration, and email list and campaign management using integrated Mail Chimp forms. The previous deployment was not fully integrated into Joomla CMS, and required knowledge of HTML and CSS.




Redeployed, redesigned and maintained this content rich, Joomla CMS based site.  The organizational structure and content publication is easy for non-technicals to maintain. Registration forms for email collection are seamlessly integrated with AWeber, allowing for ease of list management. Integrated with JomSocial, and Facebook / Twitter widgets. Also in charge of producing and sending out the daily newsletter to 25,000 email subscribers.  Also developed multiple landing pages to suit various marketing campaigns, and was Webmaster in charge of server maintenance.


Kicking Cancer's Ass

Lauched this new site on Joomla CMS and Gantry platform.  Site purpose is to promote the launch of a new book as well as act as a valuable resource on cancer cure alternatives. Designed logo, based on book cover.


Dena's Healthy U

Redeployed, redesigned and updated this Joomla CMS site. Taking it from a non-integrated Dreamweaver image, to a fully integrated site, where contents and menus are fully controlled though the Joomla interface. This uses Rocketheme's Gantry Framework. Sign up promotions, integrated with MailChimp email registration form and list.


Media Taser



Millionaire Corner




Read details...

Spectrem Advisor





XMedia Services


Mended Little Hearts Chicago


These are a few of my Web 1.0 projects




Fashion Fair Cosmetics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Johnson Publishing Company, Inc. Surprisingly, the basic structure and design of this site hasn't changed in 10 years.  That might be due to the "light and open" design which I favored at the time, and which is still in vogue (Luck or a good prediction of web trends? You be the judge!). Otherwise it's a pretty basic site in function. The most memorable part of this development was the opportunity to work with a team led by Linda Johnson Rice, Chairman and CEO of Johnson Publishing, and to meet her father. The esteemed entrepreneur John H. Johnson, of Ebony and Jet fame.




I was key consultant on a late 90's v.1 of this site for American Student Dental Association (ASDA).  With its students pushing social media and collaboration, it has come a long way since then: with much more content and interaction in place. This site was one of the first into which we built an member extranet.





I was key consultant / architect on this website for Appetizers And, Inc.  A Chicago food manufacturer, you now know as Black Tie.  It surprisingly hasn't seen significant change in 10 years!  That might be due to the "light and open" design which is still in vogue.  It has a neat appetizer builder, and always makes me hungry when I look at it. Architecting the site was fun because they toured my team around the plant and we had samples. Nice folks!



This site done for has changed significantly since I was key consultant / architect, with an elegant user design sacrificed in favor of sheer content volume, and a rather bizarre glitchy interface without benefit of SEO. I will concede that most sewer engineers probably prefer content over elegance.

However, there is still a Adobe Shockwave animation on it that may give you an idea of it's former design interface glory. Click on the logo above and look for an animation under Lateral /T-Liner. You'll have to download a browser plugin for Shockwave (which was state of the art at that time), but it's worth it for the nostalgia of looking at a superior design tool in action.




Prior to the demise of the once great accounting house, Arthur Andersen, I worked in their Professional Standards Group, where I helped build and maintain an online service called Research Manager, an online subscription database of 30,000+ financial standards documents from FASB, SEC, AICPA, and IASB.  It was one of the first of it's kind and remains "the largest and most comprehensive online database of analytical accounting and auditing guidance."

While I was a mere "Content Expert" and not involved in the architecture of the product, this experience demonstrated, hands on, the true business power and earning potential of internet publishing.  Though it was built on a Lotus Notes platform, this was an early and effective CMS(Content Management System), and quite portable to the web, as well as CD libraries.


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