Testing: The AllVideos Reloaded Multimedia Plugin for Joomla Print
Written by Ed Eusebio   

AllVideos Reloaded is a multimedia plugin for Joomla 1.5.  I'm testing out live how it works with local and remotely hosted videos.

Remote video source test

Here's one of my favorites from the Vimeo website, famous for their high-def free video hosting.
Test 1- Success
(Always nice when a free application works the first time! The add "AVR Media" button auto-determined video file type, auto-filled fields, and was intuitive to use. )



Local video source test

In the past, I've always had difficulty in working with photo, audio and video plugins, showing locally hosted content.  It has always been an effort of trial and error, with several players rather touchy when it came to embedded codes. With some apps not even responding to codes provided in instructions. Ah...thus is both the power and the pain of using Joomla 3rd-party applications!

Test 1- Fail: Code that the application auto drops into the content (with a handy button most Joomla video apps don't have), doesn't appear to work. Video appears to be in correct folder, as the All Videos Reloaded application found the file.

Test 2- Fail: File and directory permissions have been changed to 775.  Still no go. Double checking for cut and paste artifacts in the code. Clean. Still no go.

Diagnosis points:

  1. Perhaps the issue is config of the Plugin...but config appears correct.
  2. Perhaps it is an issue with config of Joomla Article Manager, per post on the Joomla.org site Component listing.
FYI: I've often found the answer to error questions in the reviews of components.  Sometimes more so there, then in the official forums for those applications.

The noted post states (February 9, 2009),"After literally days of trying to find a solution, I discovered today that the problem with Joomla displaying video is not the CMS itself, but the default filtering settings in the parameters of the Joomla Article Manager. (http://docs.joomla.org/Screen.content.15#Filtering_Options_.28HTML.29). The solution for me was to highlight one group of users for filtering (other than mine as super administrator) and suddenly I had no filtering. I can now paste YouTube embed code into the HTML pane of TinyMCE and now I have YouTube video embedded on both my site and my RSS feeds."

Test 3- Fail
...But worth remembering, as it may allow for adding external video with ordinary code cut and pastes, rather than through applications.

FYI: Remember to undo testing changes before moving to next test. In order to narrow down the actual cause of the issue.  Sometimes multiple changes come together to create a new issue.

Diagnosis point:

  1. Perhaps the application is good and will work, but my uploaded file is much too large to load? (I'll try decreasing the size of the file next). A sure sign that something is too large on your site, is that the page never stops loading.

Test 4- Partial Success - Load is too slow, and it needs a teaser picture.
After deleting a video file over 100 MB, and replacing it with one that is 24 MB, we finally have LIVE LOCAL VIDEO! Check out this funny sports trailer, created by my son Christian. No it's not a real documentary.


Test 5: Partial Success - Faster load, still needs teaser pic.
This is a 6MB video file, exported from iMovie on the Broadband -medium MPEG-4 setting.

{mp4-flv}The Box{/mp4-flv}

Christian created this animation, "The Box" for his highschool broadcasting class. His teacher liked it so much, he submitted it to a Chicagoland H.S. contest.