Fire Your Old School Dreamweaver Developer: Because your Marketing 1.0 site is irrelevant and sad Print
Written by Ed Eusebio   

Your old school developer's Dreamweaver and HTML coding skills are so ass-backward in this era of shockingly powerful web applications, that your old school (uni-directional, broadcasting) marketing site is worse than defunct.  It's irrelevant. Why? Because it's not part of the conversation that new social media marketing requires.

Joomla! LogoWhy?

Gee, you ask a lot of questions. Because it's not built on a CMS (Content Management System) with any web application power at all.  You've shown up to the fight with a ice pick, while everyone else is packin' laser-targetted, fully-automatic grenade launchers. (OK, a bit much, but you get my point).

Fire your "old school" website developer, and get an experienced Joomla professional to build your Web 2.0 Social Media, Neo-Marketing 2.0 website on the powerful Joomla! CMS (Content Management System), or Drupal or WordPress if you are thus inclined.  (Or at least make them update their ancient ways of website building.)

This site (and all the sites I've developed recently), is built on the Open Source platform Joomla. The strength of using Joomla is that development doesn't require expensive licenses, is fast and relatively easy, and application power and potential are almost limitless.  No, it's not as easy as setting up a drag and drop free site using any number of lame hosting company softwares, but once you do a bit of reading to understand basic software philosophy and logic behind Joomla CMS, you'll be publishing reams of valuable content in no time!  And that's key. You'll be publishing reams of content, not asking your Dreamweaver/HTML web developer to to it for you.

Why am I, a Web Publisher / Developer / Consultant / Windbag telling you this?  Why am I telling you that you don't really need to hire an old-school web developer, with their bag of mysterious HTML coding skills and Adobe Dreamweaver know-how? Joomla is nicknamed "The Dreamweaver Killer." I'm telling you because your old site is embarrassingly ineffective.  And you can't join in the neo-marketing conversation, unless your site has the skills.

Is Joomla CMS putting web developers out of work?

No. If anything, Joomla is making developers who are expert in CMS systems (like Joomla, or even WordPress or Drupal) very busy:

  • Because business expertise is still required in building great sites. Though Joomla is a great website platform, and free (but not cheap), expertise and experience is still required to get a Joomla (or any other CMS) website to do all the cool things most corporations and companies want.

    Find someone with technical expertise combined with real world business experience, who can make sure Joomla and it's software components mesh with your real business needs: your have-to-haves and nice-to-haves, your sales and marketing requirements, your short and long-term company strategies. Put together a solid plan on how to get there, and how you can keep that site running and updated on your own.  That's right, find a Joomla developer who wants you to do your own updating, not one who will hook you into long-term contracts.  Because Joomla is easy to maintain.

  • Because it's expensive and time consuming to do the wrong thing. There are a lot of "stranded" Joomla-based websites out there. With great power, comes great probability that a conflict will arise to completely mess up your website and development! Though there are literally thousands of 3rd party add-on softwares out there to expand the basic functionality of Joomla, it's easy to make the wrong choice that could cost your business headaches, and loss of lots of time and money. Many, particularly those component softwares with lots of transactional and social media features, will, for a myriad of reasons find incompatibility with existing software...and completely trash your website. That's where you need people with experience in making Joomla "behave."People with anal-retentive skills with debugging and tweaking Joomla functionality through PHP programing and CSS coding, and ability to fine-tune design templates, making them much more user friendly.  Get an experienced Joomla professional to help you plan before your Joomla site gets "stranded".

  • Because you tried and failed and now you need to quit messing around with web code, and focus on your core business strengths. Remember when you were a ___________ (fill in the blank), and not an amatuer web developer?  You didn't go into business, because you planned on becoming a web development techie.  But you still want it all! You want enterprise-level capabilities at small business costs, and at lightning speeds.  You want your company to be able to update your websites on your own, without having to rely on a web developer to change an simple sentence or add an article, and capitalize a word. You want the neo-marketing power of the web, but at small business cost. Hire a Joomla professional to take you the rest of the way!

So "Fire your "old school" developer (or at least make them update/upgrade their ancient ways of website building), and find a good Joomla-Drupal-Wordpress consultant.  That might be me and the good folks at XMedia, or we might be way too busy with our own publishing projects to mess with your half-baked schemes or non-existent budgets.  Either way, an experienced professional will save you time and money, while empowering you to focus on your business, rather than web development.

Ask me, I might know of a few you could find happiness with.