Zero to Web Publishing God in 1 Week Print
Written by Ed Eusebio   

I'm developing a new training service for businesses and NFP orgs, which I'll probably price at a recession-friendly $1200.

I'm calling it "Zero to Web Publishing God in 1 Week." It's an intensive in-person and online training on web publishing (concept, creation, maintenance, marketing). I used to be an adjunct-professor at Columbia College Chicago, teaching Small Press Publishing, so it should be comprehensive, but also condensed and results focused. A large number of my students are now running their own print and web publications.
This training will produce:
- A live blog-friendly website (on Joomla CM) at the chosen domain.
- Web hosting for 1 year.

And training on:
-Adding content
-How to manage and maintain your live site
-SEO / SEM 101
-Basic practices of online marketing
-Social Media recommendations and badge publishing
-External and internal link management

Discounts for ongoing consulting and training.
1 hour of Web Publishing Consulting for each the next 12 months.

Am I loco? How can I price these services so low? Well, I'm a freelancer, not materialistic and don't have any overhead to speak of.  I work from my home office, and I will only work with local clients with whom it would be a pleasure (within 1-2 steps from my zip code 60068, Park Ridge, IL). I also miss and love teaching. Should I be calling this "Crazy Ed's Zero to Web Publishing God in 1 Week"?

What do you think of this new service idea?