Cicada Emerging: practice shooting filmic pictures Print
Written by Ed Eusebio   
Cicado Emerging

I snapped this photo of a cicada emerging from it's shell. It was attached, about waist high, to the bricks on the side of my house, illuminated by our car headlights. I also have video of the moment, which I edited together with a Dusty Springfield song (that oddly fit the footage well). Watch "The Love of Cicada Love" here.

The purpose of my recent photography is to learn to shoot more "filmic" pictures. I'm applying the "rule of 3" as much as I can, to my pictures (horizontally, vertically, and depth). And because my DSLD allows it, using defocus when I can.

Taken using my Sony Nex-5 DSLD, with the 2.8F-16mm pancake lens (love that camera!).